Green Party of Michigan Candidates for 2016

Green Party of Michigan Candidates for 2016 President and Vice-President

Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka;

United States Congress

Ellis Boal; US House District 1;; Matthew Brady; US house District 2;
Jordan Salvi; US House District 4;
Harley Mikkelson; US House District 5;

Maria Green; US House District 8;; John V. McDermott; US House District 9;
Benjamin Nofs; US House District 10;; and

Dylan Calewarts; US House District 12;; (734) 431-0224 Marcia Squier; US House District 14;

Michigan State Legislature

Dan Finn; State House District 4;
Artelia Marie Leak; State House District 29;
Eric Borregard; State House District 52;
Joseph Stevens; State House District 53;
John Anthony La Pietra; State House District 63;;
Michael Anderson; State House District 70;;, and
Deena Marie Bruderick; State House District 83;
Cliff Yankovich; State House District 86;; and Committee To Elect Cliff Yankovich, 8639 52nd St.,Ada, MI 49301
Wade Roberts; State House District 109;

State-wide Offices

Sherry A Wells; State Board of Education;
Derek Grigsby; State Board of Education;
Latham Redding; U of M Board of Regents;
Will Tyler White; MSU Board of Trustees;; Margaret Guttshall; WSU Board of Governors;
Fran Shor; WSU Board of Governors;;;

County and Township Offices

Veda Balla; Genesee County Commission, District 4;
Korie Blyveis; Newberg Twp. Clerk (Cass County);
Celeste Bondie; Emmet County Board, District 4;
Stuart Collis; Ypsilanti Twp. Park Commissioner (Washtenaw County); Tom Mair; Grand Traverse County Board, District 2;

Shauna McNally; Ypsilanti Twp. Park Commissioner (Washtenaw County);; 313-980-5709
Jesse Torres; Holly Twp. Park Commissioner (Oakland County); Wayne Vermilya; Presque Isle County Board, District 1;

Non-partisan, endorsed by GPMI

Eric Siegel; Oakland County Community College Board of Trustees;;

PDF file: 2016-gpmi-slate.pdf

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